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Urinary Maintenance (120 caps)

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Every efficient system requires maintenance. Our innovative, plant-based Urinary Maintenance formula helps support urinary, kidney and bladder health. It provides key minerals along with herbs traditionally used for natural urinary system support. This blend, which features pure, non-GMO corn silk, may help with fluid maintenance, mineral balance and flow.

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  • Supports the urinary system.
  • Helps maintain fluid/mineral balance.
  • Supports urine flow.
  • Helps sanitize the urinary tract.

How It Works:

Watermelon seed contains cucurbitacins, which have been shown to possess remarkable properties. Watermelon seed also contains citrulline and arginine, both of which are thought to increase urea production in the liver, thus promoting the flow of urine. Asparagus contains asparagine, which is a strong diuretic. It may also be useful in helping to flush waste products accumulated in the joints. Magnesium is used by the body to help control the passing of urine. It can be helpful in many cases of bedwetting. Potassium helps keep other minerals in solution in the urine, thus helping to prevent hard mineral deposits in the kidneys or bladder.


Magnesium, potassium, asparagus stem, dandelion leaf, parsley leaf, corn silk, watermelon seed, dong quai root, horsetail stem and strobilus, hydrangea root, uva ursi leaves, eleuthero root and schizandra fruit.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.

Asparagus plants are native to much of Europe and western Asia. Ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans enjoyed this veggie. King Louis XIV of France was so fond of it, he had his gardener figure out how to grow it out of season. Asparagus is found in three colors: green (most common), white and purple. White asparagus grows in the dark to prevent coloring by chlorophyll.

Dandelion leaf has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. That’s a long track record. Dandelion has been studied for ages for a multitude of health benefits, including immune, digestive, urinary and hepatic system support.

Historically corn silk was consumed by the Chinese and by Native American groups. The Chinese found that it served as a blood-sugar balancing agent.

image of key ingredients for Nature's Sunshine Urinary Maintenance

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