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Menstrual Reg (100 caps)

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  • Supports the female glandular system
  • Helps with heavy menstruation
  • Helps maintain proper hormone balance in the female body
  • Supports a more comfortable menstrual cycle

How It Works:

Menstrual Reg contains antihemhorragic herbs as well as herbs that provide overall support to the female body. These herbs help regulate blood flow and keep hormones properly balanced.


Lady's mantle aerial parts, shepherd's purse aerial parts, yarrow aerial parts and leaf and flower extract, black haw root, nettle leaves, sarsaparilla root, chaste tree fruit concentrate and false unicorn root.

Recommended Use:

Take 2-3 capsules with a meal three times daily. For a more immediate effect, it can be taken in larger amounts for short periods of time, i.e., every two hours for a period of several days. For best results, this formula should be taken over several months.

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