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Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) (100 caps)

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Bones & Joints

From the rainforests of Peru, where the Ashaninka Indians have relied on this particular herb for centuries comes uña de gato or cat’s claw combination. This special blend is enhanced with roots of Chinese astragalus and echinacea for extra immune system support. It's been field-tested and has a success record for more than 25 years!


  • Supports the immune system.
  • Cleanses the digestive tract.
  • Supports joint strength.

How It Works:

The ingredients in NSP Una de Gato combine for a powerful, immune system-supporting and tonifying herbal product. Grown in the rainforests of South America, una de gato vine contains six alkaloids that have been isolated by scientists. Research suggests that four of these promote the functions of white blood cells and macrophages. Astragalus supports the production of stem cells in bone marrow and lymph tissue and encourages their development into active immune cells. Additionally, it helps enhance the body's production of immunoglobulin and stimulates macrophages. Echinacea purpurea, one of the most scientifically studied herbs, enhances the body's own defenses and helps in the fight to maintain overall health.


Una de gato inner bark, astragalus root and Echinacea purpurea root.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.

Uña de gato has been used by indigenous people in Central and South America for 2,000 years to help ward off disease.

Astragalus is native to China, Mongolia and North Korea and is known as huang qi or yellow leader. This root has been used for more than 2,000 years and is still considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Centuries ago, Native Americans turned to the healing power of echinacea, using it traditionally for respiratory support and discomfort. More recently, herbal practitioners have embraced echinacea to support the body’s natural defenses. After it became the most popular herbal remedy in the US in the early 1900s, echinacea’s cultivation spread to Europe. In the last few decades, we have discovered the many constituents that power this amazing plant’s benefits.

Image of key ingredients for Nature's Sunshine Una de Gato Cat's Claw

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